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About Outside In

Outside In is an annual program of vibrant and engaging visual art exhibitions that transform our hospital environments across our two hospital campuses – St Vincent’s Private Hospital Brisbane and St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside.

Outside In provides hospital patients with a connection to the outside world and gives artists the opportunity to show their work in a unique way to a wide audience, positively influencing patient outcomes.

Outside In is part of our arts in health program, which aims to provide patients, their family members and our staff with encounters with the arts that enhance the environment and support their spiritual, emotional and physical health and well-being, in line with the Hospital’s Mission and values. These encounters seek to motivate, inspire, orientate and provide diversion, capitalising on the unique capacity of the arts to deeply impact the human experience.


We are currently accepting proposals for our 2020 exhibition and invite your expression of interest.

Key details

We are looking for artworks that provide our patients with a connection to the outside world that will stimulate encounters with people, places and experiences beyond the hospital itself. Artists should consider submitting proposals for exhibitions of artwork that will inspire and motivate, bring joy, provide opportunities for reflection and contemplation, and engage memory and recognition.

Artworks are displayed in the main foyers, public corridors and wards of both hospitals Exhibition spaces in the hospitals are allocated based on proposed number of artworks in an exhibition, artwork dimensions and subject/content.

Exhibitions are typically displayed for a duration of six months. Our Arts in Health Program Manager will arrange suitable exhibition timing with each artist individually.

Artists should note that exhibiting within a hospital environment is very different to exhibiting within an art gallery. Artworks may be placed alongside hospital signage and equipment that can be quite visually ‘busy’. Our experience is that this does not detract from the artworks. In fact, the artworks become more valuable because they bring beauty, interest and feeling of ‘home’ to individuals in an otherwise clinical space.


  • We accept artworks of varying mediums, including paintings, illustrations, textiles, printmaking, photography and mixed media.
  • There is limited space for 3d works in display cases.
  • Artists are required to provide artwork that is ready for installation. Our Arts in Health Program Manager supports artists with exhibition installation and labelling of work, as well as inclusion in our annual exhibition catalogue.
  • Submitted artworks are loaned for the exhibition period.
  • No charge is made to exhibiting artists.
  • We do not offer financial assistance (i.e. transport allowance, etc.).
  • We encourage sale or commission of work asking for a 20 per cent donation from any successful transaction created through our exhibition.

Selection criteria

Our Arts Committee is guided by the following selection criteria when reviewing all proposals:

  • The artwork is aligned to the exhibition theme ‘Outside In’.
  • The artwork supports the aim of our Arts Program.
  • The artwork perpetuates the vision of our Mission.
  • The artwork is appropriate given the hospital setting.
  • The artwork has the potential to evoke positive thoughts and feelings to support the best outcomes for our patients, their families and our staff.