Arts Program

Our Arts Program is designed to provide a diversion from day-to-day hospital life.

Our Arts Program aligns with our Hospital’s mission and values. The program provides people with encounters that enhance hospital stay and supports spiritual, emotional and physical health and wellbeing. These encounters seek to motivate, inspire, orientate and provide diversion, capitalising on the unique capacity of the arts to deeply impact the human experience.

Art exhibitions

Outside In is an annual art exhibition that can be found across the hospital environment. The exhibition reflects our founding vision to provide people in our care with a connection from the hospital to the outside world. Art works engender encounters with people, places and experiences beyond the hospital itself. The exhibition not only brings into the hospital visions of Brisbane, but also international objects, inspiration and themes. The exhibition provides artists with a unique opportunity to exhibit to a wide audience in a public space. Artists from South East Queensland and further afield generously loan their work. All art works are available for purchase.

Applications for Outside In exhibitions scheduled to take place in 2020 are now closed. To receive information about future exhibition opportunities, please contact us using the form below.

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Art Lending Library

Our Art Lending Library enables patients to personalise their rooms by choosing a visual art work to hang for the length of their stay. The Art Lending Library is a permanent collection of fine art reproductions, which patients are able to choose from a digital catalogue.  

The Art Lending Library aims to improve our patients’ well-being and quality of life; empower them through process of choice in their environment; provide a non-clinical focus for discussion with staff and their families; and for palliative care patients, offer a more beautiful environment in which to spend the end of their life.

Art workshops

Art workshops are held weekly by a professional artist. Patients are invited to join in art workshops to explore their interest in creative art activities. The workshops serve as an opportunity for mobile patients to leave their hospital rooms to create, engage and connect with others.

Art trolley

The Art Trolley is a mobile creative arts service. It circulates weekly throughout our Hospital. The Art Trolley is filled with creative resources to facilitate skill development as well as personal and creative exploration through exposure to a broad range of art materials. Activities may include drawing, water colour painting, collage, colouring-in, poetry and visual or written journaling. Each participant will receive an art pack containing a visual diary and drawing materials. Patients can use the art pack for art making in between facilitated sessions.

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