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Our specialists are an experienced and highly qualified team of physicians.

They partner with researchers and innovators to design and review practices and techniques, educate and mentor other practitioners and contribute to national review and policy making.


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Title Name Surname Address Phone Department Article title
Palliative Care A/Prof Phillip Good
Psychology Amy Underwood
Rehabilitation Dr Amrita Prasad
General Medicine Dr Biju Paul
Pain Medicine Dr Frank Thomas
Rehabilitation Dr Gillian Nalder
Pain Medicine Dr Heide Feberwee
Pain Medicine Dr Jacqueline Evans
Pain Medicine Dr Joann Rotherham
Pain Medicine Dr Joseph Kluver
Geriatric Medicine Dr Kannan Natarajan
Pain Medicine Dr Kathleen Cooke
Palliative Care Dr Korana Kindl
General Medicine | Geriatric Medicine Dr Luciana Kelly
General Medicine Dr Madan Panda
Pain Medicine | Rehabilitation Dr Mark Tadros
Pain Medicine Dr Matthew Keys
General Medicine Dr Matthew Rickard
Geriatric Medicine Dr Mehr Shaikh
Pain Medicine Dr Michelle O’Brien
Rehabilitation Dr Phong Nguyen
General Medicine | Geriatric Medicine Dr Pia Lacovella
Psychiatry Dr Rodney Marsh
Endocrinology Dr Shanthi Kannan
Rehabilitation Dr Tik Chan
Pain Medicine Dr Timothy Grice
Palliative Care Dr William Syrmis