Our rehabilitation services aim to help you regain independence and restore physical strength, mobility and function.

Our Services

Our services may be suitable to those who require rehabilitation for:

  • Joint replacement
  • Amputation
  • Other orthopaedic injury or trauma (including fractures)
  • Brain or spinal cord surgery
  • Spinal surgery (including fusion and laminectomy)
  • Neurological conditions (including Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease)
  • Cardiac surgery or illness
  • Stroke
  • Illness
  • Prolonged hospitalisation
  • Other surgery and medical conditions.

We take a coordinated and personalised approach to caring for you. We actively work with you to develop goals and a rehabilitation plan designed to support your individual needs.

Our Programs

Our rehabilitation programs include day programs and overnight programs.

Day programs are intended for people who can travel from their home to our rehabilitation unit one or more times per week. These programs are tailored for people in groups of up to ten participants.

Overnight programs are intended for people who need 24-hour hospital care. Our rehabilitation unit is available to those who require symptom control.

Contact us

For more information about our rehabilitation services and programs, referral and eligibility, please call 3240 1111 or provide your contact details below and we will contact you.


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