Pain Management

At St Vincent’s Private Hospital Brisbane, we know how persistent pain can change your life. We offer programs and services that can help you understand and manage your pain. 

Our services

Our goal is to help you reduce or eliminate your pain. We focus on finding the right approach for you. Our pain management services include interventional pain procedures, pain management programs and rehabilitation.

Interventional pain procedures

We use interventional treatments proven to minimise or eliminate pain. We utilise safe evidence-based technologies such as nerve blocks, nerve stimulators and a range of advanced medical options aimed to reduce or eliminate pain.

Pain management programs

Our pain management programs are tailored for people in groups of up to ten participants; where everyone understands the challenges of living with persistent pain.

List of programs:

  • Adolescent pain management program (14-17 years)
  • Young adult pain management program (18-30 years)
  • Adult pain management program (30 years and over)
  • Rehabilitation program
Our pain management programs are offered on a day basis. They focus on rehabilitation and restoring function. Pain management programs may include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, exercise and strength training, educations sessions, psychological support, social support, relaxation and stress management, cognitive behaviour therapy, Tai Chi, hydrotherapy and sleep management.

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