Pain management

Do you suffer with pain... We can help.

Our goal is to help you reduce or eliminate your pain. We focus on finding the right approach for you.

We offer individual assessment and consultation; medication and prescription review; interventional treatments; pain management and rehabilitation programs for adolescents and adults.

Brisbane Centre for Pain Management

Most of our pain specialist doctors consult from the Brisbane Centre for Pain Management which is located on level 8 of our hospital. The centre contains a dedicated operating theatre equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to support pain procedures, comfortable patient waiting areas, consult rooms and spacious recovery suites.

Interventional treatments

We use interventional treatments proven to minimise or eliminate pain. Our patients experience the benefits of safe evidence-based technologies such as nerve blocks, nerve stimulators and a range of advanced medical options now available to reduce or eliminate pain.

Pain management programs

Pain management programs can help to empower you to better manage your pain, help you to know your limits, realise and recognise the triggers contributing to your pain and give you strategies to better manage your pain. They include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, exercise, educations sessions, psychological support and development of a personalised plan. Our small group programs run over 10 days, as a day or inpatient depending on what is right for you.


Rehabilitation treatments can improve your physical wellbeing and may form part of your pain management approach. Physiotherapy, occupational therapy and nursing support are combined to help improve physical strength, mobility and condition your body to become ready to return to normal activities as much as possible.

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