Adolescent pain management

At St Vincent's Private Hospital Brisbane we offer the only programs and services in Queensland specifically designed to help young people from 14 years living with chronic pain. We aim to help you understand and manage your pain and focus on helping you take control through a 'self-management' approach.

We offer small group programs that have up to six participants and everyone understands the challenges of living with chronic pain. Before you start a program we'll work with you to find out what your goals are and develop a plan that helps you reach them. It will include: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, clinical psychology as well as social activities, exercise, relaxation and education sessions.

We offer two programs:

  • LEAP into Life - 10 day pain management program

It runs Monday to Friday during Queensland public school holidays. You can attend daily or as an inpatient depending on what's best for you. It can help to develop your awareness, understanding and management of pain.

  • HOP - Help outside school hours pain management program

It runs one afternoon a week after school during every Queensland public school term. It can help if you need support and guidance to better understand and manage your pain.

For more information about our programs, referral and eligibility, call 3240 1111 or provide your details below and we will contact you.

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