St Vincent's Healthcare Coordinators

St Vincent’s Healthcare Coordinators are registered nurses promoting holistic health and wellbeing of Catholic Priests and Religious Sisters throughout Queensland.

The focus of these roles is to:

  • support the leadership in the care of their Priests/Sisters
  • empower the individual to access appropriate resources, support and information to maintain and enhance their health and wellbeing

St Vincent’s Healthcare Coordinators:

Advocate: Respect an individual’s choice.  We provide a comprehensive response to each person’s health needs and support them to access appropirate health services and process change. 

Educate: We promote information through one on one contact, highlight preventative strategies to enhance health and provide group opportunities to explore health and wellbeing issues.

Communicate: The focus of our care is the individual.  We assist each person with the flow of information to their healthcare professionals, close family members, leadership teams and extended community support network.  We work within privacy and confidentiality guidelines.