Our Leadership Team

It is our privilege to make a difference to those people entrusted to our care – our patients, their families and friends.

Our Leadership Team, led by Oli Steele, helps ensure we continue to meet the exceptional medical standards for which we are known. To continue to enhance our highly developed model of care, our Leadership Team relies on well-developed strategies, plans and initiatives, and is committed to providing resources and services that will support clinical service delivery, medical innovation and education. Our ultimate goal is to shape the future of our Hospital.

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Oli Steele 

Chief Executive Officer

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Lisa Eastment

Executive Manager – Mission

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Sheree Todoreskov

Director of Clinical Services

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Maryanne Hargraves

Executive Manager  Clinical Development 

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Nadine Gowen

Executive Manager – Business Development & Marketing

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Janifer Willis

Executive Manager – Financial Services 

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Shane Mitchell 

Executive Manager – Hospital Services

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Donna Ravn

Executive Manager – Quality & Risk

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Cheryl Tether

Executive Manager – People, Safety & Culture